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World Class Financial Planning and Empowerment Solutions

Wealth Protectors Inc. offers effective wealth management services that allow our clients to exponentially grow their assets over time, creating financial security that can last generations.

To meet the needs of all of our clients, Wealth Protectors provides a variety of professional financial services for both individuals and businesses. All of our solutions are designed with the best interest of our clients in mind, allowing us to help you expertly plan and execute financial strategies that offer long-term wealth for you and your family.

Our Financial Services

Insurance and Protection Planning

Even with the best financial planning for your future, life can get in the way. Keep yourself and your family financially stable during unforeseen circumstances with our insurance and protection plans.


Life Insurance Policies

Protect your family against financial uncertainty in the case of any unexpected event with high quality, competitively priced life insurance policies. Regardless of your age or health, a life insurance policy is extremely important to providing the necessary security for your family at all times.

We offer a wide range of life insurance solutions for the specific needs of our clients, including:

  • Indexed Universal Life Insurance
  • Permanent Life Insurance
  • Term Life Insurance
  • Combination Life Insurance

Mortgage Protection Plans

Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance covers the cost of your mortgage payments in case of any occurrence that prevents you from working, including unemployment, illness or an accident. Our protection policies are affordable and offer you the peace of mind knowing that regardless of your situation, you can be protected up to one year of your mortgage payments.

With many families losing their home to foreclosure due to missed mortgage payments after losing a job or becoming sick, a mortgage protection plan is a smart way to protect your home in any negative situation.

Disability Insurance

Our market-leading disability insurance plans provide you with coverage in the case of total or partial disability. From small business owners to executives, disability insurance allows you to receive your wages in case of a tragic accident or illness that leaves you unable to perform your responsibilities.

Don't gamble with your financial future over something that you cannot control. Our specialists will assist you selecting a disability insurance plan that is cost-efficient yet provides the level of coverage you need to remain financially stable.

Long-Term Care Insurance

We offer clients comprehensive long-term care insurance packages that offer reimbursement for the costs of care provided by professionals if ever necessary. From in-home care providers to alternative living facilities to nursing homes, you never know when you may require additional care that your family simply cannot provide.

Our team helps you to select a package that is the perfect balance between low premiums and the necessary coverage for any costs that may arise.

Investment Products and Services

The key to long-term wealth is investing your money properly, allowing your capital and assets to grow over time. Our range of investment products help you save money and increase portfolio value, setting you up for long-term financial success.

Indexed Annuity Plans

A secure way to build wealth for your retirement, an indexed annuity allows you to consistently earn an interest yield while being protected from the potential risks of investing. Perfect for moderately conservative investors that want to ensure they have stable funds for their retirement, our experts help you select an indexed annuity plan that suits your personal goals.

Higher than traditional fixed rate annuities, we help you build more wealth for your later years while preventing any investment risk.

Strategic Retirement Planning

You work your entire life in order to save money for your retirement, so making sure you plan properly for it is incredibly important. As the wealth management specialists, we use a variety of investment and long-term financial planning techniques to maximize your retirement funds.

Whether you are fiscally conservative or liberal with your portfolio, we will work closely with you to understand your retirement goals and develop a plan that is perfect for you.

LifeTime Income Strategies

Just because you are retired does not mean that you cannot generate income! By using a combination of annuities and retirement planning, we are able to provide you with guaranteed income that you cannot outlive.

That means even once you have finished working, you can still receive a monthly income that will let you enjoy your retirement. Our finance experts will look through all your financial documentation and create a customized plan to use your regular contributions to create lifetime income for you.

Tax-Free Income Plans

By investing your capital into certain investments that have dividends which are not taxed, Wealth Protectors can offer you a tax-free income stream that allows you to maximize your wealth and build your portfolio.

Creating a tax-free income stream allows you to optimize your investments by keeping all of the dividends, which can then be reinvested to further grow your assets.

Business Financial Services

If you are a small or medium-sized business that is requires financial planning services or solutions, then look no further than Wealth Protectors. We work closely with businesses across all industries to provide intensive taxation and auditing services that help them save money across their daily operations.

By helping you become financially efficient in the processes that you can run hundreds of times per week, we are dedicated to helping you reduce costs and maximize your net profit.

We offer businesses the following financial services:

  • Specialized Tax Incentive Service
  • Credit Card Merchant Audit
  • Waste and Recycling Audit
  • Workers Compensation Audit
  • Parcel Shipping Expense Audit


Our knowledgeable and professional Wealth Protectors are always ready to assist new clients in maximizing their personal or business capital.


Call or email us today to schedule an initial consultation where our financial specialists will offer transparent and unbiased strategic advice for all your financial needs.