Our Team


Dr. Garron T. Johnson

Co-Founder, Wealth Protectors Inc.


With over 20 years of successfully assisting businesses in strategizing for financial growth, Dr. Garron T. Johnson is an advisor, active leader and trainer that knows how to build wealth.


Dr. Johnson has dedicated his career to educating others on finance by implementing his Financial Education Programs in communities and churches across the United States. His amazing work within the community has garnered him several awards, including being recognized by the State of California Legislative Assembly as a community leader in 2011.


Currently sitting on the Executive Boards of The National World News and various Ministries, as well as being a regular speaker at the Next Dimension Bible College, Dr. Johnson is dedicated to helping others in not only their monetary lives, but their spiritual lives as well.




Dr. Shirley Luu

Co-Founder, Wealth Protectors Inc.


A highly regarded financial advisor, active leader, educator and wealth guru, Dr. Luu has spent the last 20 years assisting others in developing strong financial portfolios.


Her dedication to informing, educating and empowering both individuals and businesses on everything from investment methods to retirement planning has led her to become a top speaker, author and authority on financial literacy.


Currently sitting on the Executive Board of Tysons Regional Chamber of Commerce and speaking for George Mason University Entrepreneurs and Finance Club, Dr. Luu is constantly working on creating a strong financial future for others. She is also a regular speaker at her local Small Business Administration and was recognized by Forbes Magazine as a Top Financial Leader in 2016.


Her remarkable work across the financial sector, nonprofit organizations and philanthropic causes has been recognized through a variety of awards over her career.


From financial education to strategic planning, the Wealth Protectors do it all.

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